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Advanced Instructions


In addition to setting basic attacking and defensive instructions, you can assign up to 2 defensive and 2 attacking advanced instructions. Using advanced instructions, and knowing when to toggling them on and off during a match can change the run of play in an instant.


Using Advanced Instructions

The advanced instructions that are set in the prematch game plan are automatically toggled on at the start of games. Both defensive and attacking advanced instructions can be toggled on and off during the match without pausing.



The selected player is restricted from drifting out of position horizontally.

False Winger

The wingers will play narrower drifting into central positions. The outside backs will play higher up the field to cover that space.


The selected player will not push forward with the attack.

Hug the sideline

The outside players will play close to the sideline, providing more space horizontally. The players on the opposite side of the ball will also stay as wide as possible and will not pinch inside.

Attacking Fullbacks

Both fullbacks will join the attack and surge forward into advanced positions. Central midfielders will drop back to cover the space left by the fullbacks.

Wing Rotation

The striker or the closest attacking player will move to the wing, and the center attacking midfielder will fill in the striker’s position.


Players will take positions to retain possession. Instead of making runs in behind the defensive line, the players will move in order to create passing angles for the player in possession of the ball.

False No. 9

The striker will drop deep to collect passes. As the striker drops, the outside players will try to push forward to fill in the space.

Centering Targets

Players will try to overload the box when the ball is in wide positions. The aim is to score from crosses. Combines well with crossing specialist and post up players.

False Fullbacks

The full backs will drift centrally to support the midfield.


Wide midfielders or wingers will drop back to help defensively when required.

Tight Marking

The selected opposition player will be tightly marked and will always have a man tracking them.

Deep Defensive Line

The entire team will defend in deeper positions in order to create a defensive wall to guard against through balls.

Swarm the Box

The entire team will play very compact and group up inside their own box to force the opposition to take long shots.

Counter Target

The selected player will stay in the vicinity of the opposition third instead of dropping back to defend.


When a team loses the ball, the entire team will press high to try to win it back. Uses a lot of stamina.



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