eFootball PES 2021 Ultimate myClub Guide


myClub Guide

eFootball PES 2021 PS4/PS5 Complete Controls Guide

Basic Controls

These controls are for all the basic functions in the game. These controls can be set in the user settings.



Low pass



Sliding Tackle

Lofted pass

Through ball

Special controls

Special controls


Cursor change

Manual control


Hold  +

Pass and move

Hold  +

High/floated lofted pass

Hold  +

Shooting Controls

Button Combo

Hold  +

Chipped shot

Crossing Controls

Hold  +

High/floated cross

Hold +

Early cross

Movement Controls

Button Combo



Rlease ,

Come to a quick stop

Rlease ,

Come to a complete stop, trap the ball and face the opposition goal

Hold + Push

[Push towards AI teammate to instruct teammate to make a run towards the opposition goal

Hold  + Push

High ball positioning, player positioning while tussling for an aerial challenge

Basic Dribbling Controls

Button Combo


Precision dribbling


No-touch control

Hold as soon as the player traps it

Flick the ball up in the air


Dummy kick/pass

Hold + right before the player receives/traps the ball

Through feint

Button Combo


+ + Hold

2 or 3 of the closest AI teammates will press the ball


Standing tackle/intentional foul

Hold  +

Quick/sprinting pressure

in your own half

Clear the ball

Button Combo


Press and hold   towards either your own goal or the opposition goal

Quickly press x 2 towards opposition goal

Hold or

Hold , press

orIncrease/decrease attacking mentality

Button Combo

Take control of the GK

+ Release , press

Pick up ball with GK

Button Combo



Cancel command

Skill Controls Videos

  1. By VictorPines – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
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