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Loan Players

Loan players let you sign players for a certain contract period. At the end of the player’s contract, the player leaves the club. Using loan players in the wrong way can cost you a lot of GP and coins and lead to an underdeveloped squad.

Do not spend your gold coins here unless you don’t have any other options! The coin prices for loanees are ridiculously overpriced.

The list of available loanees changes weekly, making it hard to use loan players in planning your team. Rather, loan players should be used sparingly or in emergencies.

When to Loan Players


Truth be told there are not many instances that make loaning players a viable playstyle. There are a handful of scenarios that loaning players are beneficial:

  • You are in the early game and want to fill a position with a decent player until your squad improves
  • You are completely out of contracts and scouts with just enough GP to buy a loan player to fill your squad
  • One of your favorite players are available for a loan

Otherwise, avoid loaning players when you can, because in the long-term your squad will not develop as it should.


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