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September 2021 Update

Another month has passed, and that means another update. We continue to build upon and improve the site experience, performance, content and security.


  • Added details to country pages
  • Added staff to clubs
  • Added seasons, fixtures and league tables for select competitions (more info about this in the future)
  • New staff roles (manager, coach, etc.)
  • Completely overhauled search page now features auto-search
  • Redesigned login page
  • Glossary now features in the navigation bar
  • New tools for content creators
Denton Diablos
August 7, 2021 19:30
Tulsa Athletic


  • Various UI bug fixes
  • Styling improvements
  • Compression of static files to improve page load times
  • Better IP filtering against malicious use
  • Server infrastructure upgrades

Datapoints tracker

The datapoints tracker shows the growing number of entries in our database in real-time, sectioned into hours. Follow the progress street footie is making by checking the datapoints tracker.

Summer 2021 Update

It’s been a while since the last update, but there have been too many upgrades and changes to street footie since then to list them all. In this update, we’d like to focus on the changes to the Academy, the new Shop street footie store, and performance improvements.


The last time we spoke about the Academy, it was rebranded from ‘Channels.’ Today, we have exciting news to share! street footie’s Academy is a comprehensive soccer database that is right now in the building stage. We will have more exciting news to share with you in the future regarding the features of the Academy.

Arenas will catalog soccer/football stadia and how these grounds relate to the football game as a whole. At the time of writing, we are in the process of setting up our database to digest all of the data we collected.

The card shows key information about the stadium: the featured competition of the arena, its name, location, and capacity. Clicking on the card will take you to the Arena page of the stadium.

Competitions, similarly to Arenas, will catalog all of the global competitions that make up the beautiful game. In this first phase of development, our goal is to create an easy-to-use visual to allow the user to explore the different competitions in the world game.

The Clubs section is still a work in progress but features a club’s basic details, primary competition, country, and location. You can now view the club’s roster, arena, competitions, and rival clubs on the single Club Page. All parts of the club listing are clickable for easy navigation.

Catalog of the personnel of the world game. For the first phase, we are adding players. We are excited to share with you how all this connects in the future, but that’s all we can say for now.

The card features the players’ name, position, current club, and primary nationality.

Datapoints tracker

The datapoints tracker shows the growing number of entries in our database in real-time, sectioned into hours. Follow the progress street footie is making by checking the datapoints tracker.

Shop street footie

In addition to the changes coming to the website, we are also working on the official street footie store: Shop street footie.

More news when we get closer to the grand opening.

Performance & Security

street footie’s servers have been upgraded for increased performance during high-traffic hours. We also implemented cloud microservices to help with the processing load on the server.

We will continue to look for ways to optimize the website to maximize the user experience.

Other tweaks

  • eFootball PES 2021 page has been renamed ‘eFootball’
  • Added new Academy front page
  • Improved search function, and search dashboard
  • Styling changes

Spring 2021 Update

Here are some of the essential updates Street Footie Net has made in spring:


Street Footie Net Affiliate With Kysa FC of the Zambian Super League.

We are proud to be working with Kysa FC of the Zambian Super League to strengthen their foundation of creating a better training environment for their players and coaching staff. Street Footie Net is committed to highlighting the beating heart of the game and connecting football fans from all over the world.


  • ‘Channels’ has been renamed ‘Academy.’
    • Street Footie Net’s Academy page allows quick access to the football content you want. Discover training tips, tactical analysis, round-table opinions, and more.
  • ‘Gaming’ has been renamed ‘eSports.’
  • We added a Glossary, and now you will be able to search through a library of football terms to help you flow through the text. Glossary items will all also appear in relevant posts and denoted by a dashed line underneath the word, hover over words to explore their meaning. (screenshot)
  • Changes to the way reference will appear in posts.
  • UI changes

October 2020 Update

Another month has gone by and we have more exciting updates to share with you.

For those of you that have been following, you’ll notice that our design is starting to take shape. We hope you like the new UI, and as always we will continue to put emphasis on the user experience on the website.

We started a new project: The Soccer Lounge on Twitch. Street Footie Net will stream soccer culture, videos, tactics, training, opinions, amazing highlights, and funny lowlights!

As of now, the schedule is being cemented, and we will continue to update you throughout the development of the channel.

Click here to go to our Twitch channel.


Win a copy of eFootball PES 2021 Season Update!


To be eligible, simply head over to our Twitch channel and hit the follow button. We will be having a live draw when we reach 1000 followers on Twitch. Follow now to enter! The winner will the option to receive his or her copy on their platform of choice.


September 2020 Update


Unique Users

August was the month that Street Footie Net officially opened its gates to the public. We are proud to announce that we have had over 22K unique visitors since then. We are overwhelmed and thankful to everyone that showed interest in our website and we assure you that more of the content that brought you here will be posted soon. Backend Changes

In addition, as you may have seen, we were undergoing maintenance for around 12 hours. In that time, we upgraded our infrastructure, and security to ensure a secure and fast experience for the user. We also have our own mail server so you can reach out to us at hello@streetfootie.net.

We are currently building our ultimate eFootball PES 2021 myClub guide and that will be finished and released this month. Since eFootball PES 2021 is coming out Sept. 15th, a lot more eFootball PES 2021 content such as videos, tutorials, news etc. will be added in the coming month.

We are also proud to announce the new podcast by Vick Bell, The Nintey First Minute. We are very excited for the future of this podcast! Have a listen to the first episode out now!


August 2020 Update


As we near the 1.0 version of the site, we wanted to keep everyone updated on what’s happening at Street Footie Net.


As you browse through our content, you will see that we have a submission from a new content creator!
We encourage other content creators to send us a message to feature on our site.

Moving forward, we will add more curated creators that will post their own content to give an extra flavor to the content on Street Footie Net. Here at Street Footie Net, we embrace different perspectives and ideas to connect fans around the game we all love: football.

Additionally, we upgraded the server infrastructure due to an influx of users in the past week. Also, we strengthened the security of the backend, so we can provide a fast and secure experience. We will continue to put emphasis on the user experience in the coming months.

We want to thank you all for joining us on our football journey.
There will be a lot more content added in the weeks to come so stay tuned!


Are you a content creator?

Do you make awesome football content and want to be featured on Street Footie Net?


Preparing For Full Launch and Backend Changes

Here at Street Footie Net we want to give football fans the ultimate online experience.

As we approach launch we are adding content to the network. Also, we have implemented a few changes to the backend of the site to ensure a faster, more secure and more private experience for the user.

Backend Changes

  • Street Footie Net’s domain name is now pointing to the new and updated site.
  • The site is reachable from streetfootie.net and streetfootie.com
  • The site has been secured with SSL and defaults to use HTTPS connections
  • Our media is now served by a CDN to improve load times and global uptime
  • We have upgraded our server infrastructure
  • We have added server-side and browser-side caching to improve performance

In addition to the backend changes, we have streamlined some of the graphical elements on the site to provide a faster user experience.
This week’s update was a little shorter than usual, but don’t worry we have exciting news to share next week in a more content-focused update. 

Stay tuned!


Changes Coming to Street Footie Net

Over the last few months, we have been hard at work to bring you closer to the things you love the most. Most noticeably is our decision to no longer go by the name that started it all, Street Footie Project SFP. Moving forward expect to see improvements in the quality and variety of content; under the brand that is Street Footie Net (SFN).

Therefore, we have updated our branding. As we continue to evolve and improve our catalog, expect to see the new orange-black-white logo.

The website has got a new look to it. In order to bring you closer to other people that share your passion and achieve our vision, we are expanding our network.

New Features

  • You can now search the entire site through the magnifying glass icon in the top right in the navigation bar
  • Introducing Gaming – the ultimate destination for football games with different sections for eFootball PES 2020, Fifa 20, and Football Manager 2020


These are the changes you should look forward to seeing within the next few months:

We thank you for your interest in our website. Street Footie Network wishes to thank you, the fans, for without you we wouldn’t be here. Expect to see big things coming shortly. Step by step.


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