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myClub Guide

What’s On

Your players will have a blue up arrow in form if they are playing for their parent club, so choose your team accordingly.

The Online Challenge Cup is high-stakes high-reward competition that gives out a lot of GP if completed. To win the cup, you need to earn at least 4 points out of three 1v1 online ranked matches. So, you need at least 1 win out of the 3 matches. Winning the competition earns you 25,000GP which can be used to spend on contracts or buy a 3-player agent pack.

The VS Com Challenge Cup is a competition that resets twice weekly. This cup puts you up against a Regular level computer opponent. When this competition is active, it’s a must to complete. The challenge is very easy and gives the following benefits:

  • Train low-level players
  • Base 15,000 GP plus win earnings for a total of around 27,000 GP weekly
  • Scouts to be used to either sign or train players

If you complete all 3 VS COM Challenges, you earn around 27000 GP, all while training players that don’t usually get playing time.



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