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myClub Guide

Weekly eFootball League


The Weekly eFootball League is the 1v1 ranked divisions league of myClub. You will be required to complete 10 ranked 1v1 matches in either Ranked Match or Online Challenge Cup. In these 1st matches, your rating will change at x10 the rate of usual play. After this initial placement period, you will earn Weekly Points.


The overall rankings for the week of 4/30/21.


Weekly Points


Each week you will earn points for your results. At the end of a ranked match, the players’ rating and eFootball Weekly Points are updated based on the difference in player ratings, and performance during the match.

Weekly points determine your position in your Division and Group. Finishing a season at the top of your group will earn you 25,000 GP and promotion to the next Division. Click here to find out when the weekly reset happens.




Your acclaim is a measure of your overall performances in 1v1 ranked matches. After completing your 10 placement matches, you will begin to earn acclaim. The more wins you earn against tougher and tougher opponents, the higher your acclaim will climb. Once you reach an Acclaim level, it stays with you forever until you unlock the next level up.



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