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myClub Guide

Special Player Types

Special players are a big part of your myClub journey. Not to mention, you will have a variety of players to choose from. For this reason, the Special Player categories in myClub are as follows: 

  • Featured Players 
  • Legendary Players 
  • Iconic Moments Series

Featured Players

Featured Players are in form players from various clubs around the world. Not only are their statistics improved compared to the player’s standard stats. But Featured Players are based on how well an individual performed during the week in real real-life matches. Increasing the likelihood of you getting one of similar or greater value.

Iconic Moments Series Players

Players in the iconic moment series are based on games where the designated player had an exceptional standout performance. The player’s cards feature unique stylized photos taken during the match that they represent. Also, the players come with boosted stats. You can further increase their stats temporarily by playing them using the kit of their affiliated club. 

Note: The club affiliate boost doesn’t apply to myClub Co-op matches.

Legend Players

Legend players are soccer Hall-of-Famers with stats that mirror those of the era in which they played. The chances of getting a Legend Player that you want are slim. This is because myClub only allows you to acquire Legend Players through agent spins and weekly challenges. Facing the AI in weekly challenges awards, you have the opportunity to earn specific player scouts. This challenge is usually contested in legendary difficulty.


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