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Scouting players in myClub is the most consistent way to get players. Most of the players that come from scouts, especially in the beginning, are white and bronze balls. The quality of the players that you can get from using a scout depends on the quality of the scout.


Each scout has a specialty. The players that you are able to sign by each scout are determined by the scout’s specialty. You can combine up to 3 scouts (1 of each category) to target your chosen player. Additionally, each scout has a star grade. The higher the scouts’ grade, the better the players that the scouts can sign. Also, the more talented players have a lower chance of being scouted even if there is more than 1 target. If there is only 1 target, however, you are guaranteed to sign the listed player.

You can also run simulations on any scout available in the game to plan ahead and see what combinations you need to sign the player you want.

Buying scouts to make a flawless negotiation and get your desired players is expensive. Some scout cards sell for over 250,000 GP each. But you definitely get what you pay for: quality players that you can sign based on your style of play, or your team’s needs.


The Auction Process

The auction process in myClub is a little different then the ‘last-bid-made’ wins the auction-style found in many other games.

To take part in an auction, you need to make a 1st round bid to essentially declare your interest. The 1st round bid price is a good indicator of how much money you need to pay to acquire the scout.

After the timer for the 1st round bid runs out, the auction enters the final round bid stage. In the final round, each player that bid in the 1st round can make 1 more bid. Final round bids will not be visible by other players. The highest bid will win the scout and will pay both the 1st round and final round bid prices. In the case where there is a tie, the player that bid first will win the auction.

If you are saving up for a certain scout, you can add that scout to your Wish List. The Wish List acts as a shortlist for the scouts that you are looking to buy. The Wish List also conveniently shows whether the scout you are looking for is currently on sale at the Scout Auctions. In addition, clicking on a scout from the Wish List takes you directly to the auction listings for that specific scout.



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