eFootball PES 2021 Ultimate myClub Guide


myClub Guide


Buying Managers


You can hire managers using GP or myClub coins. At the beginning of your myClub campaign, many manager options will be locked for purchase with GP. However, you can always purchase any available manager using myClub coins.

As you play more matches, managers will unlock, so it is important to check back occasionally to see if you are eligible to hire a manager with better stats or a particular tactic you are looking for.

Management Skills


Each player has a Cost when adding him to a squad. A player’s Cost is based on their ability, the better the player, the higher the Cost. A manager’s Management Skills are the squad’s maximum Cost. If a squad’s Cost exceeds the manager’s Management Skills, then Team Spirit will be reduced dramatically.


Over time, managers will gradually become more familiar with the club. The higher the familiarity, the better organized and effective your team becomes.

Any manager who is not your main manager will have his Familiarity (%) slowly decrease.

A manager’s Adaptability stat determines his initial level of Familiarity (%) and at the rate at which Familiarity grows.



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