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Preset Tactics

Squads in myClub are each allowed three "Preset Tactics." Preset Tactic 1 is the team’s main strategy, with the other two being the team’s sub-strategies. You can switch between these strategies in the Game Plan and during live play also. To switch between Preset Tactics In Squad Management, press L1/R1. During a match, you can change between the tactics by pressing and holding the up arrow on the d-pad.

  • Preset Tactics 1: Main (Offensive)
  • Preset Tactics 2: Sub (Defensive)
  • Preset Tactics 3: Sub (Offensive)


Each Preset Tactics can accommodate a new manager. Yet, suppose a Squad only has one registered manager. In that case, that manager’s Offensive Tactics/Defensive Tactics allocation will be as follows For Preset Tactic 2, the assigned manager’s Defensive Tactic is guaranteed to be used. For Preset Tactics 3, an Offensive Tactic is used.

About Sub-Strategies

Managers who take on sub-strategy roles will not lose contracts. However, sub-strategies do not allow for 100% use of the team Spirit. Also, managers used in sub-strategies for long periods gradually lose Familiarity (%). If you have a manager with effective Offensive Tactics, you should use this as your main strategy.



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