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  • A run made to get back into a defensive position after being out of position.
  • A card shown by the referee to a player who has committed a serious foul or shown unacceptable behavior, resulting in ejection from the game.
  • The referee is the chief official in a soccer game responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game. The referee has the final say on all judgments, including awarding fouls, free kicks, and penalties, and can issue yellow or red cards to players for misconduct. The referee is easily(...)
  • The regista's main priority is distributing the ball and linking the defense to the midfield. The regista must constantly move as a playmaker to keep an open lane with the ball. A playmaker who can receive the ball can make the difference between winning and losing. Positioning is key.
  • The demotion of a team to a lower league.
  • Resuming the game after a stoppage.
  • To move back towards one's own goal in response to an attacking threat.
  • In soccer, a "rondo" refers to a training drill where one group of players tries to maintain possession of the ball while being pressured by an opposing group of players. Typically, rondos are set up with a larger outer circle of players attempting to pass the ball among themselves while(...)
  • A direct style of play involving long balls up the pitch, often bypassing the midfield.
  • Direct and long-ball tactics.
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