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  • The break between two halves of a match.
  • Striking the ball just as it bounces.
  • An infraction where a player other than the goalkeeper touches the ball with their hand or arm.
  • When a player scores three goals in a single game.
  • When a player scores three goals in a single game.
  • A play where a player uses their head to strike the ball, often used for clearing the ball or scoring goals.
  • A defensive tactic where defenders play their defensive line further up the pitch, closer to the halfway line.
  • A tactic where players apply pressure high up the pitch to win the ball back.
  • To keep possession of the ball.
  • A command often yelled by defenders to maintain their line and avoid playing attackers onside.
  • When a forward keeps the ball while waiting for teammates to join the attack.
  • Jargon for a loose ball that can result in a 50-50 challenge that puts both players at risk of getting injured or picking up a knock as they are both challenging for the same ball with no advantage to either side.
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