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  • A line of players set up to block a direct free-kick.
  • A water break is a brief pause in the game to allow players to hydrate, often used in hot and humid conditions.
  • A player's less dominant foot.
  • To send a ball in with pace and curve.
  • The tool used by referees to control the game.
  • The wing-back is a player that sits between the midfield and defensive lines on the outsides. Because he/she is usually without support in the wings, the wing-backs must provide width on the attack, and mark the opposition wide threat on defense. The wing-back can even provide extra pressure(...)
  • A player who operates mainly on the flanks.
  • The mindset of always striving for victory.
  • Refers to the goalpost or crossbar.
  • The level of effort and activity a player puts into a game.
  • The premier international soccer tournament contested by national teams.
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