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  • Confederation of African Football is the administrative body of association football in African. CAF was formed on February 8, 1957, in Khartoum Sudan.
  • A game where neither side takes many risks.
  • A title awarded to a player whom the whole team trusts to lead on and off the field. The captain wears an armband to signify his or her role and is the only player that is permitted to talk to the referee outside of those directly involved in incidents on the pitch.
  • When a player represents a country in a competitive match, making them ineligible to play for another country.
  • To dribble the ball over a distance.
  • In Italian literally means "Door Bolt." An Italian tactical system that has a heavy emphasis on defending and closing spaces to prevent goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Official term for receiving a yellow card.
  • A central defender primarily tasked with stopping opposing attackers.
  • The circle in the middle of the pitch from which kick-offs are taken.
  • Another term for the main striker.
  • An attempt to take the ball away or block a shot.
  • The space between defenders.
  • Songs or shouts made by fans.
  • A lofted shot or pass designed to go over an opponent's head.
  • Also known as “shut-outs,” a clean sheet is when a team manages not to concede a goal in a soccer/football game. This is a massive feat, especially for goal-keepers in general and they thrive on achieving such results in a tournament like the World Cup.
  • Taking the ball away from an opponent without fouling.
  • The action of kicking the ball away from one's own goal.
  • To secure, as in "clinching a victory".
  • Efficient and effective play, especially in front of goal.
  • To approach the player with the ball to reduce their space.
  • An organized soccer team.
  • The relation of a ball’s velocity to the height it returns to after contact with a surface. Simply, a measurement of the bounciness of a soccer ball. Also known as COR.
  • CONCACAF is the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football. It is the governing body for soccer (football) in the region that includes North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. CONCACAF is one of six continental confederations recognized by FIFA(...)
  • Cooper Test, also known as the Cooper 12-minute run, is a fitness test that measures a person’s aerobic endurance capacity.
  • A set-piece taken from the corner of the field, awarded to the attacking team when the ball goes out of play over the goal line, last touched by a defending player.
  • Council of Southern Africa Football Associations is the governing body of football-playing nations in Southern Africa. CAF was formed in 1983.
  • An attack that comes immediately after repelling the opponent's attack.
  • A pass played from a wide area into the penalty area.
  • The horizontal bar at the top of the goal.
  • The earliest recorded form of a soccer-like game is ‘Cuju,’ which originated in ancient China from the Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE)
  • A spin on the ball that causes it to move in a curved path.
  • A winger moving from the sideline to a more central position.
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