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  • To closely mark a specific opponent.
  • The player judged to be the best in a particular game.
  • A defensive strategy where players are assigned specific opponents to guard.
  • Defending a player to prevent them from receiving the ball or making a play.
  • A player known for their goal-scoring prowess.
  • A soccer game or competition between two teams.
  • Short for "nutmeg", when the ball is played between an opponent's legs.
  • Short for "nutmeg", when the ball is played between an opponent's legs.
  • Passing the ball through an opponent's legs.
  • A midfielder known for their energy and drive.
  • The midfielder is tasked with being on both sides of the play. They contribute to both attacking and defending. There are many different types of midfielders: from holding midfielders to inverse wingers. We’ll get to the more advanced topics a bit later. The term midfielder is a little vague(...)
  • Failing to control the ball properly.
  • A large image or pattern displayed by fans using colored cards.
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