Maryland Super Soccer League

Maryland Supper Soccer League

The MSSL is a semi-professional men’s league established in 2021 and encompasses the Washington Metropolitan Area. The league prides itself on its founding principles of representative membership, elite competition, top coverage, and fair governance. In addition, the MSSL has affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association, the United States Soccer Federation, and the MSSA.

2021 Fall: Christos wins Regular Season Title and Steel Pulse were Playoff Champions

2022 Spring: All Starts United wins Regular Season Title and Christos were Playoff Champions

2022 Fall: Christos wins Regular Season Title and Sure Sports were Playoff Champions

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Maryland Supper Soccer League D II

Gaining a promotion into the First Division of MSSL is undoubtedly the goal for every teams in Division II. Earning the title winners respect among their peers and the right to play among the best in the state.

2022 Spring: One Nation  wins Regular Season Title  and Hearts of steel were Playoff Champions 

2022 Fall: Elite Vision wins Regular Season Title 

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