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eFootball 2022 Online PvP Hotfix Patch Notes

Konami just dropped a small hotfix to address some of the issues users have had since the 0.9.0 launch.

Patch Notes

This small hotfix (10/15/2021) solves the following issues that players have been experiencing:

  • Long waiting times for games
  • Unable to matchmake with other players
  • Matches fail to conclude properly

Konami also notes that these issues are not completely gone, and may still occur occasionally.

On top of that, Konami is awarding "some form of compensation" for all eFootball 2022 players due to the game’s rocky launch.

eFootball 2022 Currencies

eFootball Coins In-game currency that can be used to sign players and purchase Advantage Match Passes, items, renew contracts and more
GP In-game currency used to sign players and renew contracts
eFootball Points In-game points that can be used to purchase players and in-game items

Don’t forget that Konami is also offering rewards for players who also played eFootball 2021 and eFootball 2021 Lite. Check out the post above to see what criteria you need to meet to get your Veteran‘s Bonus.

The Road to 0.9.1

This was an unexpected update as Konami said that their next patch to the game will come at the end of this month. Konami confirmed that eFootball 2022 0.9.1 will drop on October 28, 2021, for all supported platforms.

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