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eFootball 2022 Defense Controls Guide – Playstation

The complete reference guide to eFootball 2022 Defense Command List, Basic Controls, Goalkeeping, and Commanding on Playstation platforms.

Defense Basic Controls - Playstation

Action Command
Move +
Match-up +
Physical Defending Hold
Sliding Tackle
Cursor Change
Manual Cursor Change

Defense Goalkeeping Controls - Playstation

Action Command
Switch cursor to goalkeeper +
Auto positioning Hold , use to fine-tune position
GK Dash Hold
GK Tackle
GK Trap Hold before trapping the ball

Defense Commanding - Playstation

Action Command
Bring out the GK Hold
Move defensive line forward Hold
Move defensive line deeper Hold
Offside Trap x 2

Basic Commands Controls - Playstation

Action Command
Increase Attack/Defense Level x 2
Decrease Attack/Defense Level x 2
Super Cancel +
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