October 2021 Update

New Features

  • Clubs can now have  youth and development squads attached to them
  • Clubs can now display past club ‘Legends’ and historic emblems
  • Added ‘Quote’ feature for personnel
  • Added new players, managers, clubs, competitions, arenas, glossary terms
  • League table rows can now be designated end of season outcomes based on position by different colors


  • Fixed memory leak in SQL queries in Arena pages that would occur in rare situations
  • Improved design of galleries in Arena pages
  • Improved design of Arena listings
  • Minor Glossary design changes
  • SEO for Glossary implemented properly
  • Ad sizing changes
  • Various club emblems and names
  • General UI tweaks and fixes

Performance & Security

  • Improved lazy-load on multiple pages to improve loading times and smoothen out the experience
  • Improved server load balancing
  • Optimized images and converted to the next-gen image format WebP
  • Added new security rules to the backend to further prevent malicious attacks

street footie Cloud

  • Development has begun on street footie Cloud and it is now in pre-alpha

More info about street footie Cloud in the future.

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