Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

The Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup was Founded in 1914 and stands as an enduring pillar in the history of American soccer. The competition bears the name of Lamar Hunt, a seminal promoter of soccer in America and an early investor in Major League Soccer (MLS). As the oldest continually-operating soccer tournament in the country, it serves as a living tribute to Hunt, whose name was incorporated into the event's title in 1999 to commemorate his impact on the sport in the United States.

Format and Eligibility
The Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup provides a unique and inclusive platform, inviting amateur and professional teams from across the American soccer spectrum to compete head-to-head. Administered by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the tournament adheres to a single-elimination format.

The various clubs participating in the competition are genuinely diverse, featuring teams from Major League Soccer (MLS), the USL Championship, USL League One, the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), and an assortment of amateur leagues. This eclectic mix of teams battle through a series of rounds, culminating in a championship final. While this finale often highlights professional teams, it leaves room for underdog stories, allowing lower-division squads to steal the spotlight.

Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Prize
The prize for winning the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup includes both a trophy and a cash prize. The cash prize amount has varied over the years; for example, the 2022 champion, Orlando City, received $300,000 in prize money (up from $250,000 in 2017).

In addition to the financial reward and the trophy, the winning team usually earns a spot in the CONCACAF Champions League, the top club competition for teams in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

1914 Brooklyn Field Club (NAFBL)
1915 Bethlehem Steel (NAFBL)
1916 Bethlehem Steel (NAFBL)
1917 Fall River Rovers (SNESL)
1918 Bethlehem Steel (NAFBL)
1919 Bethlehem Steel (NAFBL)
1920 St. Louis Ben Miller (SLSL)
1921 Brooklyn Robins Dry Dock (NAFBL)
1922 St. Louis Scullin Steel (SLSL)
1923 Paterson FC (NJ)(ASL I)
1924 Fall River Marksmen (ASL I)
1925 Shawsheen FC/Andover MA
1926 Bethlehem Steel (ASL I)
1927 Fall River Marksmen (ASL I)
1928 New York Nationals (ASL I)
1929 New York Hakoah (ESL)
1930 Fall River Marksmen (ASL I)
1931 New York Yankees/Fall River Marksmen (ASL I)
1932 New Bedford Whalers (ASL I)
1933 Stix Baer & Fuller (SLSL)
1934 Stix Baer & Fuller (SLSL)
1935 Central Breweries FC (StL)
1936 Philadelphia German-Americans SC (ASL II)
1937 New York Americans (ASL II)
1938 Chicago Sparta (NSL)
1939 Brooklyn St. Mary's Celtic
1940 Baltimore SC (ASL II)/Chicago Sparta (NSL) co-champions
1941 Pawtucket Rangers (ASL II-NE)
1942 Pittsburgh Gallatin SC
1943 Brooklyn Hispano (ASL II)
1944 Brooklyn Hispano (ASL II)
1945 New York Brookhattan (ASL II)
1946 Chicago Viking A.A. (NSL)
1947 Ponta Delgada (MA)(Nat Soc League of New England)
1948 Simpkins-Ford (SLSL)
1949 Morgan Strasser
1950 Simpkins-Ford (SLSL)
1951 NY German-Hungarians SC (GAL)
1952 Harmarville Hurricanes SC (Pa)
1953 Chicago Falcons (NSL)
1954 New York Americans (ASL II)
1955 SC Eintracht/NY (GAL)
1956 Harmarville Hurricanes SC (Pa)
1957 St. Louis Kutis SC (SL Municipal League)
1958 Los Angeles Kickers (GLASL)
1959 San Pedro McIlvaine Canvasbacks (Cal)
1960 Phil. Ukrainian Nationals (ASL II)
1961 Phil. Ukrainian Nationals (ASL II)
1962 New York Hungaria (Ger Am Lge)
1963 Phil. Ukrainian Nationals (ASL II)
1964 Los Angeles Kickers-Victoria (GLASL)
1965 New York Ukrainians (Ger Am Lge)
1966 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals (ASL II)
1967 New York Greek-Americans (Ger Am League)
1968 New York Greek-Americans (Ger Am League)
1969 New York Greek-Americans (Ger Am League)
1970 SC Elizabeth (NJ) (Ger Am Lge)
1971 New York Hota (Ger Am Lge)
1972 SC Elizabeth (NJ) (Ger Am Lge)
1973 Los Angeles Maccabee SC (NSL)
1974 New York Greek-Americans (Ger Am League)
1975 Los Angeles Maccabee SC (NSL)
1976 San Francisco AC
1977 Los Angeles Maccabee SC (NSL)
1978 Los Angeles Maccabee SC (NSL)
1979 Brooklyn Dodgers (CSL)
1980 New York Pancyprian-Freedoms (CSL)
1981 Los Angeles Maccabee SC (NSL)
1982 New York Pancyprian-Freedoms (CSL)
1983 New York Pancyprian-Freedoms (CSL)
1984 New York AO Krete
1985 San Francisco Greek-American AC
1986 St. Louis Kutis SC
1987 Club Espana (Washington DC)
1988 St. Louis Busch Seniors
1989 St. Petersburg (FL) Kickers
1990 AAC Eagles (Chicago)
1991 Brooklyn Italians
1992 San Jose Oaks (SFDML)
1993 San Francisco CD Mexico
1994 San Francisco Greek-American AC
1995 Richmond Kickers (Premier League USISL)
1996 D.C. United (MLS)
1997 Dallas Burn (MLS)
1998 Chicago Fire (MLS)
1999 Rochester Rhinos (A-League, USL)
2000 Chicago Fire (MLS)
2001 LA Galaxy (MLS)
2002 Columbus Crew (MLS)
2003 Chicago Fire (MLS)
2004 Kansas City Wizards (MLS)
2005 LA Galaxy (MLS)
2006 Chicago Fire (MLS)
2007 New England Revolution (MLS)
2008 D.C. United (MLS)
2009 Seattle Sounders (MLS)
2010 Seattle Sounders (MLS)
2011 Seattle Sounders (MLS)
2012 Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
2013 D.C. United (MLS)
2014 Seattle Sounders (MLS)
2015 Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
2016 FC Dallas (MLS)
2017 Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
2018 Houston Dynamo (MLS)
2019 Atlanta United FC (MLS)
2020 N/A
2021 N/A
2022 Orlando City SC (MLS)

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