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How to Sign New Players in eFootball 2023 Dream Team

Dream Team is eFootball 2023’s most competitive game mode. In Dream Team, you build your dream squad from all of the available players in the game, including past legends. You will need to hire a manager, adapt your team to his tactics and ensure that your Team Spirit is high so your team can gel. When your team is ready, you will face the best teams in the world in eFootball Dream League.

Signing Players

In Dream Team, signing the right players will make the difference between winning and losing. In eFootball 2023, players have different abilities, skills, and playstyle combinations that make each player unique. It is your job to create a team that will blend well together and produces results on the pitch.

There are many ways to sign players. The following eFootball 2023 virtual currencies can be used to sign players:

eFootball 2023 Currencies

eFootball Coins In-game currency that can be used to sign players and purchase Advantage Match Passes, items, renew contracts and more
GP In-game currency used to sign players and renew contracts
eFootball Points In-game points that can be used to purchase players and in-game items

Additionally, players can be signed using Chance Deals, Nominating Contracts, or items and contracts that are rewarded from the Advantage Match Pass.

Signing Players - Dream Team

Item Description
Chance Deal Sign a player at random from a pre-specified list.
Nominating Contract Sign a player of your choice from a pre-specified list.
Advantage Match Pass The pass awards bonuses, items, and will occasionally reward options to sign new players.
Objective / Premium Objective Each objective will have its own unique rewards. For higher stakes rewards, you can use eFootball Coins to unlock Premium Objectives.

Player Types eFootball 2023

Standard Players - or Chance Deal
Standard Player Types are the most common of the player cards. eFootball issues the Standard Player Type based on the player's performance during the current season.
Trending Players Nominating Contract
Players in the Trending Player series are based on games or weeks where the designated player had an exceptional standout performance. The player's cards feature unique stylized photos taken during the match that they represent. Also, the players come with boosted stats compared to their standard issue. Unlike the other Player Types the Trending Player don't allow for development.
Featured Players - or Chance Deal
Featured Players are in form players from various clubs around the world. Not only are their statistics improved compared to the player's standard stats. But Featured Players are based on how well an individual performed during the current season.
Legendary Players - or Chance Deal
Legend players are soccer Hall-of-Famers with stats that mirror those of the era in which they played.

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