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How to Play eFootball 2023 – Complete Guide

The complete How to Play eFootball 2023 guide.

This article is updated for eFootball 2023 2.0.0 and will continue to update as new features are added to eFootball 2023.

eFootball 2023 was released on August 25, 2022 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S,   Windows ( Steam) platforms.

GP, Coins, and Points

eFootball 2023 has various currencies to acquire players. GP can be used to renew contracts, sign players, hire managers, buy collection packs, and more. Coins are the premium currency in eFootball 2023. Coins can also be used to buy anything GP can and some exclusive Agents. Coins can only be earned by completing objectives within Dream Team, or bought for real money through microtransactions.

eFootball 2023 Currencies

eFootball Coins In-game currency that can be used to sign players and purchase Advantage Match Passes, items, renew contracts and more
GP In-game currency used to sign players and renew contracts
eFootball Points In-game points that can be used to purchase players and in-game items

Managing in-game currency well will keep the state of your club and your squad healthy. That’s the only way to keep your best players on the pitch and ensure that you always have a manager.

Your main objective early on in Dream Team is to earn as many GP as possible to build any squad you want eventually. So, it is discouraged to spend GP before you have a better grasp of the game and what it has to offer. 

Completing objectives in both account-wide and specific tournaments will earn you many rewards and currencies to spend on special players.

The complete reference guide to eFootball 2023 Player Abilities, Player Skills, and Players’ Playstyle with descriptions listed next to each ability and skill.

eFootball 2023 Player Abilities

Ability Description
Offensive Awareness How quickly the player responds to the ball when attacking
Ball Control How adept the player is at controlling the ball (touches, trapping, feints)
Dribbling How adept the player is at maintaining control of the ball while dribbling at high speed
Tight Possession How skilled the player is at performing turns while dribbling at low speed
Low Pass Accuracy when playing low passes along the ground
Lofted Pass Accuracy of lofted passes
Finishing Accuracy of shots
Heading Accuracy of headers
Set Pieces Accuracy during set pieces (corners, free kicks penalties)
Curl How much curve and spin the player can put on the ball
Speed Player's top speed without the ball
Acceleration How fast the player can reach his top speed
Kicking Power How much power the player can generate when kicking the ball
Jumping How high the player can jump
Physical Contact Balance and strength when pressured physically
Balance How well the player avoids tackles, stay on his feet when losing balance due to physical contact
Stamina The higher the stamina the slower the player will get fatigued
Defensive Awareness How quickly the player responds to the ball when defending
Tackling Proficiency at winning the ball from opponent
Aggression How aggressive the player is when attempting to steal the ball during challenges
Defensive Engagement Defensive work rate
GK Awareness How quickly the GK can respond to the ball
GK Catching GK's ability to catch, higher GK Catching can catch more powerful shots
GK Deflecting GK's ability to fist/knock the ball to safe areas
GK Reflexes GK's ability to block close range shots
GK Reach GK's coverage of the gal and size of area in which he can make saves
NonDom Leg Usage How often the player will use his non dominant foot
NonDom Leg Precision How accurate the player is with his weaker foot
Conditioning Volatility of the player's condition
Injury Resistance Player's resistance to getting injured

eFootball 2023 Player Skills

Skill Description
Scissors Feint Enables players to execute the Scissors Feint at high speeds
Double Touch Enables players to quickly execute the Double Touch
Flip Flap Enables players to execute the Flip Flap
Marseille Turn Enables players to execute the Marseille Turn
Sombrero Enables players to execute the Boomerang Trap and the Sombrero Turn
Chop Turn Enables players to execute Chop Turn quickly
Inside Bounce Enables players to execute Inside Bounce
Sole Control Enable step on ball control to execute feints and turns
Heading Improves accuracy of headers, frequency of downward headers
Long-Range Curler Enables players to hit curling shots with great accuracy froma distance
Chip Shot Control Enables accurate chip shots
Long-Range Shooting Improved accuracy at long-range shots
Knuckle Shot Enables players to hit knuckle shots at higher frequency, also applies to FK
Dipping Shot Enables top spin shots that bounce erratically in front of the GK
Rising Shot Enables shot that begin with a low trajectory that rise sharply
Acrobatic Finishing Enables players to find a finish even from awkward positions of when off balance
Heel Trick Enables players to pass and shoot with their heel, even in awkward positions or off balance
One-time Shot Improves technique and precision in one-time shots
One-touch Pass Improves technique and precision in one-touch passes
Through Passing Increases accuracy of through balls
Wighted Pass Enables players to apply back-spin when playing lofted passes and through balls, improves accuracy
Pinpoint Crossing Enables players to curl in crosses with accuracy
Outside Curler Enables players to shoot and pass using the outside of the boot even at long distances
Rabona Enables players to execute a Rabona
No Look Pass Enables passes that misdirect opponents
Low Lofted Pass Enables players to hit a long accurate Lofted Pass with a low trajectory
GK Low Punt Enables GK to take long accurate punt kicks with low trajectory
GK High Punt Enables GK to take long, high punts
Long Throws Improves range of long throws
GK Long Throws Improves range of GK's throws
Penalty Specialist Improves accuracy of penalty kicks
GK Penalty Saver Enables better GK reactions during penalty kicks
Gamesmanship Enables players to win more free kicks on the ball
Man Marking Enables players to stick to and. chase down their opponent
Track Back The player aggressively pressures the opposition player on the ball, even running back from the frontlines
Interception Enables better pass interceptions
Blocker Improves player's chances to block shots and passes
Aerial Superiority Improves player's chances of winning aerial challenges
Sliding Tackle Improves player's chances of winning the ball with a sliding tackle
Acrobatic Clearance Enables players to clear the ball using their feet even in awkward positions
Captaincy When the player is captain, he will reduce the effects of fatigue for the entire team
Super-Sub Improves player's stats when introduced in the second half of the game
Fighting Spirit Enables players to perform better under pressure, fatigue, and adversity such as playing against a higher ranked team or when a goal down

eFootball 2023 Player Playstyles

Playstyle Description Compatible Positions
Adv. Striker Predatory striker who plays off the shoulders of the last defender CF
Dummy Runner Distracts the defense to create space for other players to exploit CF / SS / AMF
Poacher Striker who lurks in the opposition 18 yard box, waiting for the ball CF
Target Man Positions himself on the frontlines as a target man and protects the ball with his physique CF
Deep-Lying Forward Forward that is willing to drop back to receive the ball and help create plays CF / SS
Creative Playmaker Takes advantage of gaps in the defense to initiate attacks and assist in shots on goal SS / RWF / LWF / AMF / RMF / LMF
Prolific Winger Receives passes on the wings, occasionally cutting into the center when he has the chance RWF / LWF
Roaming Flank Tends to cut inside from the wing to receive passes RWF / LWF / RMF / LMF
Cross Specialist Hugs the sideline, waiting for a chance to cross the ball in RWF/ LWF / RMF/ LMF
Classic No. 10 Old-school static playmaker who uses passes to control the match SS / AMF / CMF
Hole Player Has a sharp eye for goals and surges forward at any opportunity SS / AMF / RMF / LMF / CMF
Box-to-Box Tirelessly covers every blade of grass for the full 90 minutes RMF / LMF / CMF / DMF
The Destroyer Tenacious battler who keeps opposition attacks at bay through hard tackling and pressing CMF / DMF / CB
Orchestrator Lurks in deeper positions, ready to initiate attacks CMF / DMF
Anchor Man Deep-sitting defensive midfielder protecting the back line DMF
Offensive Fullback Attack-minded full back who will run upfield and join the attack when possible RB / LB
Fullback Finisher Attacking full back who enjoys joining the attack in central areas high up the pitch RB / LB
Defensive Fullback Solid full back who prefers to stay back and stick to defensive duties RB / LB
Build Up A player who likes to drop back to receive the ball and trigger attacks from deep CB
Extra Frontman Defender who likes to join the attack at every given opportunity CB
Offensive Goalkeeper Sweeper keeper type role, often comes out to cover the area behind the defense GK
Defensive Goalkeeper Traditional keeper who prefers to stay around the goal line GK

What are AI Playing Styles?

AI Playing Styles are tendencies that players have when controlled by the CPU. AI Playing Styles are only applied to players controlled by Co-op CPU fillers, players off the ball, and the opposition when playing against CPU in any game mode. Otherwise, they have no effect on the gameplay.

AI Playing Styles in eFootball 2022

AI Play Style Description
Trickster A player that will try to dribble past opponents whenever he gets the chance
Agility King A player that can use quick turns and dribbles
Speeding Bullet Frequently breaks through the opposition defensive line with a run on goal (vertical breakthrough)
Incisive Run A dribbler who likes to cut inside for scoring opportunities
Long Ball Expert A player who often plays long balls
Early Crosser A player who will try to get an early cross in when possible
Long Ranger A player that will shoot on sight

Controls and Commands Guides

The complete reference guide to eFootball 2023 Command List Controls on Playstation (PS4, PS5) and Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S) platforms. Choose your preferred platform below to see the relevant controls.

This guide covers Match Types and Game Modes in eFootball 2023.

eFootball 2023 Online Solo Match Types

Type Description
Tour Event Play a tournament against AI opponents to earn Event Points. Event Points unlock higher tier rewards.
Challenge Event Play against other players online to complete various objectives. Completing objectives earns rewards, items and GP/Coins.
Online Quick Match Play an unranked online casual match against a random human opponent.
eFootball™ League Take your Dream Team and compete in ranked online matches against the best of the best eFootball 2023 players. PvP Matchmaking for similar skill levels. Placement matches that restart every Phase. Divisions with promotion/relegation and rankings.

Dream Team is eFootball 2023’s most competitive game mode. In Dream Team, you build your dream squad from all of the available players in the game, including past legends. You will need to hire a manager, adapt your team to his tactics and ensure that your Team Spirit is high so your team can gel. When your team is ready, you will face the best teams in the world in eFootball Dream League.

In this game mode, you are matched with another player. The matchmaking system tries to match you up with a player with a similar rating and team strength to yours.

Winning any ranked match increases your rating. However, losing to or drawing an opponent substantially lower in ratings will decrease your rating.

In Dream Team, signing the right players will make the difference between winning and losing. In eFootball 2023, players have different abilities, skills, and playstyle combinations that make each player unique. It is your job to create a team that will blend well together and produces results on the pitch.

Player Types eFootball 2023

Standard Players - or Chance Deal
Standard Player Types are the most common of the player cards. eFootball issues the Standard Player Type based on the player's performance during the current season.
Trending Players Nominating Contract
Players in the Trending Player series are based on games or weeks where the designated player had an exceptional standout performance. The player's cards feature unique stylized photos taken during the match that they represent. Also, the players come with boosted stats compared to their standard issue. Unlike the other Player Types the Trending Player don't allow for development.
Featured Players - or Chance Deal
Featured Players are in form players from various clubs around the world. Not only are their statistics improved compared to the player's standard stats. But Featured Players are based on how well an individual performed during the current season.
Legendary Players - or Chance Deal
Legend players are soccer Hall-of-Famers with stats that mirror those of the era in which they played.

Players Types are a big part of your Creative Team journey. Not to mention, you will have a variety of players to choose from. 

"You can receive rewards for completing challenges. Note that you can play these challenges as many times as you wish, however you will only receive  your first-time reward once. Subsequent completions will still render you rewards, but they will be difference. Also, note that the challenge may end in failure if you do not complete the match, or you accept an invitation to join another match and decide to leave the current match."

eFootball 2022 In-game Tips

Challenge events will reward you with hefty GP rewards. It’s a good idea to clear the events every week, as they change weekly. In past versions of eFootball, different events would cycle through each week allowing players to earn a variety of rewards. If you do not clear the event before it expires, you will not earn any GP.

Create a lobby and play an unranked online match. This game mode lets you choose any player from your clubhouse regardless if they are suspended or without a contract.

Courtesy Rating

A rating system for players’ online behavior. For example, rage quitting matches, idling during a match, or having an unstable internet connection can lower your courtesy rating. The highest courtesy rating is A (good) and ranges to C (bad). 

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