Soccer Player Attributes Explained


A breakdown of soccer player attributes focusing on Crossing, Dribbling, and Long-range shots, First touch, Finishing ( Close-range finish, Long-range shots ).

Soccer player attributes are the characteristics that make a soccer player unique. These traits are important in identifying an individual’s style of play and become essential to a team dynamic. The more of these you have, the better player you will be.


Crossing is a valuable skill to put the ball into dangerous positions or even in the box. A good cross will cause a defender to leave his position, allowing other players to exploit the space while making it easier for your team to score. Consider a team with solid centerbacks who are good at interception and reading the game, making it hard to play through the middle. To counter their ability, you should try attacking from the wing and delivering a cross into the box.


Dribbling requires good ball control and the proper technique to maneuver past opponents. Dribbling with finesse helps get out of tight situations, retain possession and create scoring opportunities for the team.

First Touch

First touch is the ability to control the ball when you first come in contact with it. An excellent first touch allows you to control the ball in tight spaces, which is essential for dribbling, passing, and shooting. It’s also useful for crossing because it gives you the upper hand when escaping from a defender.


Finishing is the ability to score goals. It’s about technique, timing, and instinct. If you’re in the right place at the right time, it’s easier to take chances.

There are a few different types of finishers:

Close-range Finish

A close-range finisher often picks his mark from inside the 18-yard box. The fox in the box is deadly when they combine their ability to find space in tight spaces and link up with teammates near the goal.

Long-range shot

Long shots are taken from outside the penalty box and require a proper technique to ensure accuracy. Players must create a distance between the opposition and the ball before taking a long shot. With power and finesse being the backbone of a good shot, the goalkeeper will face difficulty trying to save it.


A long-range threat looks for space outside the 18-yard box and tries his luck wherever possible. The marksman relies on his deadeye accuracy to keep goalkeepers on their toes.

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