eFootball 2022 1.0.0 Update – Patch Notes

Basic Info

Patch Notes

Configuration Settings

・ Controller Settings
Due to changes made to the game controls in general, the key bindings will be reset.

・ Camera Settings
The default camera will be set to "Stadium".

・ Screen – Brightness & Contrast
This configuration will be removed.

・ Auto-login Settings
This configuration will be removed.

New Features

Updates & Additions

  • New lisences from clubs and national teams around the world
  • New and updated player data
  • Stadiums, boots, cleats, GK gloves, and new commentary

Bug Fixes

  • Application crashes
  • Reduced processing during Game Plan screen
  • Speed of players and ball
  • Player clipping
  • Shark bug
  • Distorted and unnatural models when colliding
  • Fouls not being called in some situations
  • Lightening errors
  • Stadium structures pop-in
  • Camera movement is now smoother
  • Skipping a quick restart does not show a yellow card scene by accident
  • Camera focusing off of the ball
  • Stadium lighting

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