November 2021 Update

October has been a hectic month for us, and we have a lot to share with you. With that being said, let’s dive into the street footie November 2021 Update.

New Features

Brand New Navigation Bar

We have an exciting new navigation bar. It’s not just stylish. The new responsive navigation also features a live search that is accessible from anywhere on the site. In addition, it is:

  • A more robust templating engine
  • Quicker to load
  • Graphical links
  • Responsive
  • Overhaul of the mobile experience
  • New quick share feature on desktop


We will continue developing the web app to be the best it can be, and accessing the information efficiently and timely is one of the principles on which our platform is built.

Other Additions

  • Posts now store their references in the database and display automatically at the bottom of the post
  • Posts can now have badges on their listings to designate featured, recommended, and more with custom tooltips
  • Soundtrack posts now have a video playlist of the soundtracks’ music videos.
  • New table engine for more modular tables
  • Added ‘UFL‘ page under eSports
  • Redesigned Search post listing, Competition, Clubs, Arena Listing
  • Improvements to ‘About‘ page, video now shows on mobile
  • Design changes to ‘eFootball 2022‘ page
  • Post category links are now clickable above the post’s title in a single position
  • Authors are now clickable within posts
  • New console controllers’ buttons graphics
  • New clubs, competitions, arenas, players, and staff were added to the database

Example Post Badges


  • Improved readability and accessibility in some areas of the site
  • Minor UI alignment fixes in certain widgets
  • Training‘ and ‘Tactics‘ pages now show content using the new post listing template
  • ‘eFootball’ page has been renamed to ‘eFootball 2022’
  • Fixed issues with the controller not showing up in posts
  • Image sizing fixes in the ‘Footer’
  • General mobile usability improvements

Performance & Security

Site Statistics

We are proud to announce that in the past 28 days (Sept 30 – Oct 27, 2021) we have had over 5.2K unique users visit the site.

Thank you for your support!

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