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Game Modes and Match Types in eFootball 2022

This guide covers Match Types and Game Modes in eFootball 2022.

eFootball 2022 was released on September 30, 2021 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S,   Windows ( Steam) platforms.

eFootball 2022 Online Solo Match Types

Type Description
Tour Event Play a tournament against AI opponents to earn Event Points. Event Points unlock higher tier rewards.
Challenge Event Play against other players online to complete various objectives. Completing objectives earns rewards, items and GP/Coins.
Online Quick Match Play an unranked online casual match against a random human opponent.
Online Match Lobby Create a public or private room for an unranked online 1v1 match.
eFootball™ Creative League. Take your Creative Team and compete in ranked online matches against the best of the best eFootball 2022 players. PvP Matchmaking for similar skill levels. Placement matches that restart every Phase.

Online Match Lobby

Create a lobby and play an unranked online match. This game mode lets you choose any player from your clubhouse regardless if they are suspended or without a contract.

Challenge Event

Challenge events will reward you with hefty GP rewards. It’s a good idea to clear the events every week, as they change weekly. In past versions of eFootball, different events would cycle through each week, allowing players to earn various rewards. If you do not clear the event before it expires, you will not acquire any GP.

Creative Team

Creative Team is eFootball 2022’s most competitive game mode. In Creative Team, you build your dream squad from all of the available players in the game, including past legends. You will need to hire a manager, adapt your team to his tactics and make sure that your Team Spirit is high so that your team can gel. When your team is ready, you will face the best teams in the world in eFootball Creative League.

In this game mode, you are matched with another player. The matchmaking system tries its best to match you up with a player that has a similar rating and team strength to yours.

Winning any ranked match increases your rating. However, losing to or drawing an opponent who is substantially lower in ratings will decrease your rating.

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