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The Responsibilities of a Soccer Head Coach or Manager

Running a soccer club is no easy task. There are numerous day-to-day managerial responsibilities that must be fulfilled to ensure success on the pitch.

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A manager’s responsibility goes beyond the training field and the sidelines. Among getting the squad ready for matchday. A manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Selecting the matchday team, and substitutes.
  • Planning tactics, formations, and game strategy
  • Motivating the players and giving team talks
  • Instructing players from the sidelines
  • Reading scouting and medical reports for the upcoming match
  • Review match footage
  • Buying, selling, and loaning players and staff members
  • Fiscal and development planning
  • Man management of staff and players
  • Addressing the media in press conferences and interviews
  • Marketing and Branding of the club


In clubs that have the means to hire and employ sufficient staff members, these responsibilities may be shared with a Director of Football, Technical Director, Sporting Director, or General Manager.

Caretaker Manager

Also called an interim manager, the caretaker manager takes over the club temporarily when the current manager position is vacant through the previous manager either quitting or terminated. The caretaker manager usually stays until a permanent replacement is found.


Player-managers are managers who are also registered to play for the club. Older players who are nearing retirement usually opt to become player-managers to transition into management smoothly. Two recent examples of player-managers are Vincent Kompany, who managed and played for RSC Anderlecht in the 2019-2020 campaign, and Wayne Rooney, who played for and managed Derby County.

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