Soccer Boots, Cleats or Studs: A Players Identity

Soccer boots have taken a huge role in a player’s identity in today’s game. Yet, the beauty of the sport is just how inexpensive it is for players. All you need is a ball and some room to start playing. In some parts of the world, game enthusiasts make their balls using regular household items and take the game to the streets with no shoes. In addition, some of the best players to grace the game belonged to an era before anyone had access to modern equipment. However, players need to choose the right equipment to play at the top level in today’s game.

A Good Pair 

A good pair of soccer boots, also known as cleats and studs in North America, is indispensable for a player. Without a correct pair of cleats, the game becomes more challenging for any player. They not only ensure that the player is well balanced but give a player a sense of pride. Sir Alex Ferguson is notorious for restricting youth teams players from wearing flashy boots. He only allowed them to wear black boots and earn their right to upgrade to something they preferred.

"The restrictions are on the youth team… They are told they have to stick to wearing black. Once in the reserve or first-team squad there are no restrictions, but if you are wearing flashy colours and don’t play too well you’re likely to get singled out."

Players  Burden

Today players have a wide selection of options to choose from, which can sometimes be a burden. Selecting the wrong studs may lead to many unfavorable outcomes. Thus you must buy the best boots even if that means that you have to spend an extra amount of money. Even though for the armature, the best option remains on the lower end of the spectrum.

The Experienced Players

On the other hand, for the professionals and the more experienced players, the latest modular boots or the kangaroo leather upper is recommended. Good boots help the players to cover more distance as quickly as possible. The cleats also have other benefits as they increase the footwork, give more comfort, and better flexibility.

43 years old

Ronaldhino’s  Flashy Moves 

The legendary Ronaldhino pioneered flashing moves like the no-look pass and is an early adaptor for soccer boot branding. The former Brazilian international and Barcelona player landed a custom-made boot deal with Nike. Ronaldinho’s Nike Tiempo was designed based on traditional boots and molded to complement the Brazilian playing style. 


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