How to Choose the Right Pair of Goalkeeper Gloves

To perform at their peak, goalkeepers need to know how to choose proper goalie gloves. Getting an improper pair of gloves could mean hand pains, not enough support to make a save, and even allergies to the materials.

Generally, the higher-tier gloves are worth their price in the quality of materials and fit. However, as a beginner, you can get away with taking a lower-tier pair of gloves, depending on how comfortable and durable they are.

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"I personally always like to have padding on the inside of my wrist. Most of the time the padding only covers the palm of your hand, but when you have to collect a bouncing ball, then it’s important for me to also have a layer of padding there."

Pricing Tiers

The most important part of choosing a pair of goalie gloves is how it fits on your hand. Be aware that some brands’ higher tier options will wear down quicker than the cheaper alternative. However, splurging on expensive gloves will give you premium materials and construction to maximize your ability.

Materials and Textures

The style you should look for when deciding on a suitable pair of goalie gloves for training. The usual types of the part that makes up the palm of the glove are:

  • Surround Cut
  • Negative
  • Rolled Finger
  • Flat
  • Rolled Index


These trims usually come in rubberized contour, hard and soft latex, and other supplementary textures.

Comfort Above All

It is crucial to pick out a comfortable material. The texture that you opt for your goalkeeping gloves should follow to be comfortable enough that you will be able to exert a tight clasp on the soccer ball. If you feel that you cannot keep up a full grip on the ball during sessions, the pair of gloves you are using is not a good fit. If the mitts are too tight, it will cause sustained hand and wrist pain during training sessions. A pair of gloves that are a proper fit permits you a bit of room to move and fits snugly.

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