NPSL Explained

What is the National Premier Soccer League?

The National Premier Soccer League or NPSL is an elite development league in the United States comprising of more than 94 clubs across the United States. NPSL is considered the 4th level in the American Soccer Competition Pyramid. The league was formed in 2002 as a successor to the now-defunct Men’s Premier Soccer League (MPSL). Additionally, NPSL is a  member of the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and affiliated with USSF.

There are three distinct phases in an NPSL season: the conference leagues, the regional championship, and the national championship.

National Championship

At the end of the season, the winners of the regional championships qualify to play in the National Championship. The 2021 NPSL Championship was won by Denton Diablos, when they demolished Tulsa Athletic 5-2.

Regional Championships

NPSL is split up into 4 regions: East, Midwest, South, West. Within each of the regions, are different conferences grouped up by geographic location. Each conference is a league format with two rounds (home and away) against every opponent in the league.

Conference Leagues


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