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How to Shoot a Soccer Ball from Long Range/Outside the Box

Shooting a soccer ball is a practical skill for any footballer to have. And focusing on the correct technique improves the chances of a long-range shot landing on target. Naturally, a player will adjust the power of their shot based on how far they are from the goal. Yet, it is vital to emphasize the value of the technique. Therefore, we must analyze the player’s actions before and after the shot. 

Scenario 1 – Stationary Ball

In this scenario, the ball is stationary and placed 18 yards away from an open goal. The objective is to kick the ball straight into the goal. In addition, the play must avoid hitting the ball high over the bar or wide away from the target. As with anything, start slow to learn the proper technique and then improve your speed without losing accuracy.

Step 1- Approaching the Ball

The player must first look at the target and decide where they want to hit it. As they begin to approach the ball, they should have already created a mental picture of how they expect the ball to hit the back of the net. Before arriving at the ball, the player should start calculating where they will position their standing foot in unison with the rest of the body.

Step 2 – Arriving at the Ball

When the player arrives at the ball, they should place their none kicking foot parallel to the ball, and their toes must point towards the target. The knee of the none kicking leg should be slightly bent. Your head should be over the ball and your body leaning forward. The kicker should simultaneously open up their body.

Most players will use their arms on the none kicking side to help open up their bodies. A motion as if they were trying to grab onto the end of a rope. Concurrently the kicking leg must lift backward in readiness to take on the shot. The player should lock the ankle on their kicking foot and point their toes to the ground.

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Step 3 – Drive your foot through the ball

While accelerating your leg forward to drive your foot through the ball, it is essential to get the correct contact on the ball. Aim to hit the ball with the top of your foot. Your eyes must remain focused on the ball and your mind visualizing the mental picture you created in step 1. At the height of their shot, the player must exhale, releasing the breath they collected to help take the shot.

Step 4 – Landing

The landing is ever necessary as the process before kicking the ball. Use your body’s momentum to follow thru with the shot as you prepare to land on the same foot you used to kick the ball. If you have remembered to lean forward, your body should be moving in the same direction and the ball flying into the net. Leaning backward will cause the ball to go high. Pull the shot, or and the ball will go wide. A miss-hit will cause the ball to travel in an undesired direction.

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