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The Brazilian Soccer Culture


Soccer is so popular in Brazil that many people actually believe it’s part of the cultural heritage. Despite being a developing country, soccer has remained one of its major exports that has given the country pride in the international scene. After all, the country have won up to five World Cup trophies in the years 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. It’s actually not uncommon for young Brazilian boys to start learning the fundamentals of soccer at an early age. Moreover, the art of playing good soccer naturally runs in most families in Brazil, so the young people turn to see it on a daily basis.


Over the years, soccer has become a way of life in Brazil, with many young boys indulging in it. They hope of one day becoming great players like Pele, Zico, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho. These Brazilians along with many other have carved a niche for themselves on the international scenes. Nowadays, many Brazilians play in first division teams of Europe and other parts of the world. Besides, their entertaining playing style coupled with their exceptional dribbling skills one can conclude that there is something so special about Brazilian soccer. Of course, it is clear that the more these boys mature, the more their skills and passion for the game also develop. Brazilian soccer is indeed based on fantastic individual skills.

There are also indications that soccer has become a cultural thing in Brazil because it’s an inexpensive sport. The fact that one does not need a lot of expensive equipment to start playing soccer. More so, soccer in Brazil is a sport of the masses and doesn’t need much to equipment for practiced. The truth is, one can actually play soccer anywhere in Brazil, including in the fields, on the beaches as well as in the streets. That said, Brazil boasts of so many fields where young people can play both local and high profile football. A study of Brazil’s former capital, Rio de Janeiro revealed that there are more fields than churches in Brazil. Rest assured that it is in these fields that most boys learn how to dribble and play good football.


For many years now, football has remained more of a cultural thing in Brazil. This explains why the entire country, usually comes to a standstill whenever Brazil is taking part in a World Cup match. It’s indeed safe to say that soccer brings hope and unity in the country. Despite the many problems, including poverty, security, violence. Soccer is the one thing they can always look forward to.


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