eFootball PES 2020 1.12 Update & Datapack 8.0 Details (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


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Datapack 8.0


Updates and Additions

  • New/updated face models
  • New/updated player portraits
  • New manager portraits

Check out all of the new player faces added in Datapack 8.0!

1.12 Update (Patch 1.08.00)

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The 1.12 (Patch 1.08.00) update fixes the following bugs:

・ An issue that affects R. CARLOS from the Iconic Moment Series, reducing the amount of curl he is able to apply to balls kicked with the outside of his foot.
・ An issue affecting P. NEDVĚD from the Iconic Moment Series that causes a generic free kick animation to play in place of his unique animation.

・ An issue where accepting an invitation to play a match while already in a Local Match (UEFA EURO 2020™) can cause the game to crash.
To avoid the issue, make sure to finish your current match and return to the Top Menu before accepting any invitations.

・ An issue occurring in Matchday Events using Preset Teams that prevents players from being set as ‘Players to Join Attack’. The issue is triggered by switching substitute players into your Starting Lineup from the Game Plan screen.
You can avoid triggering the issue by exiting and reentering the Game Plan screen after you finished switching out your players.


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