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Soccer is the Most Popular Sport in the World

Soccer or football is the most popular sport on the planet. The game exceeds national, cultural, religious, and gender boundaries, including socioeconomic class. Aside from that, people watch and play the game in every country. The last FIFA Big count recorded "226 million" occasional unregistered players worldwide. A 7 percent increase from the previous study. The world’s most popular sport is also showing strides of growth in many parts of the world.


The Best Fans Sports Have to Offer


The game has some of the most passionate fans in the world to thank for its immense growth. In 2014 the game’s most prestigious competition displayed this. The FIFA World Cup attracted "3.2 billion viewers," with one billion of those viewers tuning in to the final. The ever-expanding game continues to grasp new fans as it branches to areas neglected in the past.


The growth of the women’s game has contributed to the popularity of the game—the 2015 Women’s World Cup generating 40 million in ad revenue for Fox. The programming outperformed the Stanley Cup Final, World Series, and the NBA final. Out of 240 million players worldwide, 30 million are women.


Talisman of the Sport


Europe has established itself as the true talisman of the sport. What sets the European game apart from the rest of the world is the leagues’ high quality. It is also the home to the largest football stadiums. Above all, the teams have invested in producing the best talent in the world. Furthermore, the level they play the game is without doubt above anywhere else in the world. Yet, the popularity of the game still lies in the hands of those that support it. Kids play football in the streets and parks from sunrise to sunset. At the same time, overweight adults play football for their pub teams. On match days, bars show matches with massive support for local groups. Flocks of supporters rally to games in support of their home teams.


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