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myClub Gems – Fashion Sakala (White Ball)

myClub Gems is a series that showcases bargain players that are overlooked but can perform well even against maxed-out Ronaldo.

For our 1st part of the series, we are featuring Fashion Sakala.

27 years old


Acceleration 98, speed 97

Poacher, high offensive awareness

Ideal for a counter-attacking or high pressing style


Poor passing

84 finishing

Poor close control


1000-2000 GP

Scouts Needed


Sakala’s stats prove that he is very explosive and has the stamina to sprint at top speeds for long durations of the match. Getting him is as easy as buying the Zambia scout in the scout auction for around 1000-2000 GP. Incredibly, it only costs 700 GP to renew his contract. Adding up all these pros, it’s clear that he is one of the best budget players to have on your team.

Ultimately, Sakala can run and competes with some of the best players in myClub. Due to his pace, he is suited to playing on the counter. To top it all off, he always drifts in from the wings to be an extra threat in the box. So, do yourself a favor and place a bid on him right now, it’ll only cost you 1000 GP. The opponent’s wingbacks will hate you for it.

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