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Preparing For Full Launch and Backend Changes

Here at Street Footie Net we want to give football fans the ultimate online experience.

As we approach launch we are adding content to the network. Also, we have implemented a few changes to the backend of the site to ensure a faster, more secure and more private experience for the user.

Backend Changes

  • Street Footie Net’s domain name is now pointing to the new and updated site.
  • The site is reachable from and
  • The site has been secured with SSL and defaults to use HTTPS connections
  • Our media is now served by a CDN to improve load times and global uptime
  • We have upgraded our server infrastructure
  • We have added server-side and browser-side caching to improve performance

In addition to the backend changes, we have streamlined some of the graphical elements on the site to provide a faster user experience.
This week’s update was a little shorter than usual, but don’t worry we have exciting news to share next week in a more content-focused update. 

Stay tuned!


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